Advanced Features

High end technology that saves time and costs. Maximum automation supported with online free services.

Easy to Use

A Web based, User friendly and well organized interface. Single and Mass transactions and operations screens.

100% Guaranteed

All results that you get from us are 100% guaranteed to bring you to a whole new level of of managing HR functions.

Human Resources Management System


The system reduces effort, time and costs related to managing human resources , attendance and payroll. Due to high level of automation. LenvoHRM Human Resources Management System (HRMS) handles all employees information, attendance, and payroll. Moreover, it operates in align with local work laws and regulations.

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Software Main Features & Modules

We provide a variety of HR solution packages & modules to enable you and your business with innovative tools and strategies.


Our recruitment portal LenvoJobs provides advanced and coherent platform. selection, assessments, test and interviews


Manage Employees' personal and administritive information. Attach files & scans and create custom fields. Manage vacations and leaves based on local laws.


Our Attendance module manages punch logs in real-time. it also controls devices online and trasfer finger prints between branchs.


Compensation & benefits, including salries, accommedation, other allwances and different types of deductions. payroll calculates social security and income tax.


Create training & development plans. Onboarding, annual training plans, and regular training courses with tests.


Schedule performance apprisals online. Perform different types including 360 performance apprisal.Moreover, define KPIs and objectives.‚Äč

Projects Allocation

Allocate human resources to projects and generate reports accordingly. Set tasks in WBS, milestones, and monitor achievements.

Self Service

Employees' self service allows them to view information and place different requests. LenvoHRE has a mobile app and supports push notifications